Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Moving to the cloud increases flexibility for employees and IT alike. However, it also introduces new challenges and complexities for keeping your organization secure. To get the full benefit of cloud apps and services, an IT team must find the right balance of supporting access while maintaining control to protect critical data.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that supports various deployment modes including log collection, API connectors, and reverse proxy. It provides rich visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats across all your Microsoft and third-party cloud services.

What will be provided with the Defender for Cloud Apps service?

The Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps implementation service provides you with a complete overview and hands-on experience with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps to get the product up and running in your environment. The service consists of the following deliverables:

  • Workshop: During the workshop we provide you with an overview of Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps so that you understand the prerequisites, features and real world use-cases

  • Initial Setup and Configuration: We support you with getting Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps up and running in your environment

  • Shadow IT Discovery – Identify and manage the cloud apps used by your organization – in and beyond the corporate network.

  • Information Protection – Understand, classify and protect sensitive information when it travels in- and outside of your organization with automated processes and real-time controls

  • Threat Protection – Detect unusual behaviour across your cloud apps to identify ransomware, compromised users or rogue applications, analyze high-risk usage and remediate automatically to limit the risk to your organization.

  • Compliance Assessment – Assess the compliance of your organization’s apps against regulatory requirements such as GDPR, industry and legal standards and common security controls

  • Documentation: Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps setup and configuration documentation as well as some practical operational guides for day to day use

What are the key benefits of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps?

As an organization, you need to protect your users and confidential data from the different methods employed by malicious actors. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps provides a wide array of capabilities that protect your environment across the following pillars:

  • Visibility: detect all cloud services; assign each a risk ranking; identify all users and third-party apps able to log in

  • Data security: identify and control sensitive information (DLP); respond to classification labels on content

  • Threat protection: offer adaptive access control (AAC); provide user and entity behavior analysis (UEBA); mitigate malware

  • Compliance: supply reports and dashboards to demonstrate cloud governance; assist efforts to conform to data residency and regulatory compliance requirements

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