About us

About us

The baseVISION team makes your IT workplace ready for the future – modern, flexible and secure. Our customers rely on our expertise as consultants, integrators and coaches to help them on their way to modern and secure IT workplaces. You can find more information about us and our customers here.  

Bild der 5 GL Mitglieder von baseVISION

Our success is based on ...

Continuous knowledge transfer between our experts

Targeted training courses and corresponding certifications for each team member

Cooperation and exchange of experience in the relevant communities

The team behind baseVISION

Kevin Waldspurger

Endpoint Engineer

Lisa Taglioli

Assistentin der Geschäftsleitung

Giulia Melotti Garibaldi

Security Analyst

Frank Schnyder

Package Engineer

Gian-Luca Buol

Incident Responder

Lucas Magoni

Endpoint Engineer

Dominik Oberlin

Senior Packaging Engineer

Rachel Amstad-Tomek

Administration Specialist

Marco Reinli

Senior Security Consultant

Flamur Ramiqi

Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst and Detection Engineer

Dallin Larsen

Security Analyst

Diego Caminada

Security Analyst

Gobitha Yogeswaran

Security Analyst

Mischa Kraus

Security Analyst

Colin Wagenaar

Senior Security Engineer SOC

Aasthika Yogarasah

Endpoint Engineer

Jan Bouwer

Security Analyst

Yannick Schlecht

Senior Endpoint Engineer

Aleksa Petakovic

Threat Intelligence Analyst and Detection Engineer

Andrea Hofer

Team Lead and Senior Security Engineer SOC

Roy Amhof

Endpoint Security Engineer

Fabrizio Gobeli

Team Lead and Senior Endpoint Security Consultant

Loris Ambrozzo

Senior Security Engineer

Sacha Berman

Sales Executive

Rahel Fluri

Sachbearbeiterin Administration

Christoph Düggeli

Team Lead and Senior Security Analyst

Florian Amport

Endpoint Security Engineer

Ahsan Manzoor

Security Analyst

Janic Verboon

Team Lead and Senior Endpoint Engineer

Stefan Beckmann

Senior Azure Consultant

Harihara Krishnamoorthy

Security Analyst

Ramon Wyss

Team Lead and Senior Endpoint Engineer

Nicola Alig

Senior Identity Engineer

Pratheep Sinnathurai

Senior Azure Engineer

Luana Herzog

Security Analyst

Tobias Wörndli

Senior Security Consultant

Randolph Vogel

Lead Project & Consulting

Dominik Stegemann

Senior Endpoint Consultant

Jürg Meier

CISO & Teamlead Incident Management

Seraina Steinemann

Marketing Specialist

Nicola Suter

Ambassador and Senior Security Consultant

Thomas Oehen

Senior Endpoint Security Engineer

Jan Büttiker

CIO and Senior Endpoint Engineer

Wanja Bachmann

Endpoint Engineer

Koray Senel

Endpoint Administrator

Dania Werren


Martin Felder

Senior Endpoint Engineer

Sandro Jäger

Security Consultant

Daniel Schädler

Senior Azure Engineer

Nico Borner

Senior Endpoint Engineer

Urs Messerli

Senior Endpoint Engineer

Alex Verboon

CTO and Senior Expert Security Consultant, MVP

Oliver Bernstein

Senior Endpoint Consultant

Thomas Kurth

CEO and Senior Expert Security Consultant, MVP

Jürg Koller

Senior Expert Endpoint Consultant

Daniel Bühlmann

Chairman of the Board / Senior Expert Endpoint Consultant

Mirko Colemberg

Senior Expert Endpoint Consultant & MVP

Pascal Berger

Lead Managed Services

One team - One mission

Our responsibility


base Project Services

Trust – Professionalism – Reliability

These are key factors that make sure we provide professional, simple and tailored solutions. This creates attractive benefits for our customers.


baseVISION Employees

Innovation – Competence – Performance

We see our employees as fellow entrepreneurs and partners. Thanks to our flexible and customer-oriented working methods, every co-entrepreneur is able to fully exploit their potential and contribute to our success.

Social responsibility

baseVISION Social Responsibility

Sustainability – Integrity – Awareness

We are committed to a comprehensive and sustainable strategy as an integral part of our responsibility towards the environment. We support social projects that are important to our co-entrepreneurs.



We are ISO 27001:2013 certified. The protection of privacy and the integrated handling of customer data is part of our corporate culture.

What we have achieved

We are proud to have four Microsoft Solutions Partner Designations:

Additionally, we are honoured to have received the Partner of the Year Award in 2016, 2018 and 2021.