Windows 365

Windows 365 is Microsoft’s cloud based service to automatically provision virtual Windows 11 desktops in the cloud without the toll to manage a whole desktop virtualization platform. Windows 365 Cloud PCs can be automatically provisioned for end-users as soon as they have an eligible Windows 365 license assigned. The simplified provisioning, management and licensing of Windows 365 makes it an ideal service for organizations that want to provide virtual desktops to their end-users based on a fixed subscription fee that is based on the amount of users. Windows 365 seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft security landscape and Intune device management capabilities.

Which features are provided with Windows 365?

Windows 365 provides the following features:

  • Flexible licensing options including concurrent licensing with Windows 365 frontline

  • Automatic Cloud PC provisioning

  • Dedicated Cloud PC for end-users, external consultants or administrators

  • Seamless integration into Microsoft Intune device management

  • Rich connectivity options for all current operating system types and editions

What is included in the service?

The Windows 365 service provides you with a complete overview and hands-on experience with Windows 365 to get Windows 365 Cloud PCs up and running in your environment. The service consists of the following deliverables:

  • Workshop: During the workshop we provide you with an overview of Windows 365 so that you understand the prerequisites, features and real-world use-cases

  • Initial Setup and Configuration: We support you with getting Windows 365 (Frontline) up and running in your environment

  • Documentation: Windows 365 concept and configuration documentation


Windows 365 Cloud PCs provide the following benefits:

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