Intune for macOS

One of the core capabilities of Microsoft Intune is to manage and protect cloud-connected endpoints across all platforms such as Mac (macOS) devices. Like other company owned assets also macOS devices should be managed to gain visibility and strengthen the security of macOS endpoints. You can simplify the macOS endpoint management by leveraging Microsoft Intune as MDM solution. This can reduce the operational and licensing costs by consolidating endpoint management into Microsoft Intune instead of distinct solutions.

What is included in the service?

The Intune for macOS service consists of the following deliverables:

  • Workshop: During the workshop we provide you with an overview of Intune for macOS so that you understand the prerequisites and features
  • Initial Setup and Configuration: We support you with getting Intune for macOS up and running in your environment
  • Documentation: Intune for macOS concept and configuration documentation

    What are the key benefits of the service Intune for macOS?

    Intune for macOS provides the following benefits:

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