Intune for iOS and Android

Get visibility into your iOS and Android fleet and improve protection for your environment.

Intune is one of the key products on the market to manage mobile devices. A lot of companies own Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security already or plan to implement other functionalities of the suite and therefore it is a low hanging fruit to use Intune to manage their corporate owned and BYOD mobile devices in a controlled manner.

Our service provides customers with guidance and the required expertise for the design and implementation of Intune for iOS and Android to get visibility into the iOS and Android fleet and to improve the overall security of the environment. 

Where can we help with our service?

Based on your needs, we can support you to implement & design solutions for various use cases:

  • BYOD devices for iOS & Android

  • Corporate-owned devices for iOS & Android

  • Kiosk devices for iOS & Android

  • Shared iOS devices

By enrolling these devices into Intune, you can deploy various workloads to devices to achieve your desired configuration

  • Restrictions, ie. password policies

  • VPN profiles

  • Application deployment, ie. Store apps, line of business apps.

What are the Intune for iOS and Android service??

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