Case Study Swissport

Swissport is the world’s largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry, with a workforce of around 43’000 employees and locations in 48 countries across the world. Over 230 million passengers, 4.1 million flights and 4.3 million tones of cargo are handled every year. The established global reputation for superior quality results from the financial resources, modern ground support equipment and expertise in many areas.

The beginning of the journey

As a trusted supplier for many customers and the knowledge that Swissport has grown since 1996 from 3 served airports to over 274 in 2021. This growth led to a highly diverse environment and those significant parts of the infrastructure are locally managed. Swissport has elected baseVISION as one of the most experienced workplace experts to design and build a new global and secure workplace.

The Vision 

The goal of the project was to have a global standard workplace with key
focus on:

  • Security: The managed workplace is a secure implementation of an end-user workplace. 
  • Compliance: In general conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law 
  • Cost Transparency: Global procurement and one-time engineering effort can reduce cost trough economies of scale
  • provide a solution to improve the shared workplace experience
  • move to a global managed workplace with global management console and standardized processes. 

“It has been a pleasure to work with the baseVISION team.  They are very dynamic and innovative and work hard to deliver quality and value to the business. It was not an easy project with many changes and technical surprises along the way. baseVISION rose to the challenges and delivered a great Azure platform solution for Swissport. I only can recommend baseVISION.”

Charles Bonello, Swissport
Senior Global IT Project Manager

The Transformation

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager based infrastructure which is hosted in Microsoft Azure provides flexibility to enroll and manage devices in every location of the world and requires just a standard Internet Connection. To simplify this transition, the decision was made to remove as many dependencies as possible on existing services hosted on-premises. 

This meant devices were registered directly in Azure Active Directory and secured with the robust identity protection features. 

Self-Service capabilities like the Autopilot based enrollment is assisted with a dedicated enrollment manual provided to the employees together with a new device and a custom developed enrollment apps improves enrollment experience.

Example of the “Quick Setup Guide”

Fernglas: ein erfolgreiches Projekt mit Mikron

“Especially the well-designed enrollment guide and the Info App simplifies the new modern workplace for all employees and increases efficiency .” 

Thomas Kurth, baseVISION
Consultant and CEO

Most beneficial Microsoft technologies used

  • Azure IaaS
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager
  • Windows Autopilot
  • Office 365 / Microsoft Teams


Through the new global management system Swissport can deploy global security baselines to all their devices and increases the security posture overall. Additionally, the new unified endpoint management solution can manage Windows 10, Android, and iOS devices. This simplifies operational processes and lowers costs. 

All together the new global workplace helps Swissport to stay the most trusted ground and cargo handling provider in the aviation industry.

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