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Today many companies, including Microsoft, have shifted their development cycle process for releasing new products from years to months. For many companies one of the biggest challenges is to stay informed about what’s coming up next, when new features will be introduced and when they become depreciated. In some cases, the unawareness can negatively impact their business or available features customers already pay for remain unused.  

baseVISION’s security informed service improves your security posture by providing relevant and current information about updates, new features, and new security threats.


Technologies are changing fast

Today many companies release new products almost every month. What does it mean for companies: 

It is a challenge to stay informed about what is coming up next.

The unawareness can negatively impact companies. 

Many companies pay for services but never use it fully, because of a lack of knowledge.

What is the security informed service

 The Informed service, part of baseVISION’s Security Services addresses these challenges as follows:

Key benefits

Further, advantages you will encounter by being informed by our security experts:

Security as a service

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Further benefits

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