Workplace Security Workshop

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. 

The Workplace Security Workshops are tailored for customers who are interested in getting a better understanding of IT Workplace Security or are seeking for potential improvements. It is a service for customers who would like to protect endpoints, identities, and data in the future but do not know what is available on the market and how to protect from current threats.

What is covered in this workshop?

During this workshop, we provide an overview of how IT workplace environments can be protected against new threats. Using appropriate processes, cyber security frameworks (NIST/CIS) and various Microsoft Solutions such as Enterprise Mobility + Security, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (old name: Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection) and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (old name: Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection) is in the center of the workshop.

Why is this service so beneficial?

Our experience shows, that customers purchase many Microsoft 365 features, but do not use them properly. With this service, our experts show you how to use your products correctly and how to combine them to a suitable solution. 

baseVISION always keeps the focus on cost transparency, security, usability, and lean operational management.

If you already have M365 with Microsoft Defender tools in use, then our Active Security Service – informed  could be the right service for you. This service helps to keep you updated about the newly released features with quarterly update meetings.

What are the key benefits of the workplace security workshop?

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