Microsoft Entra Conditional Access Implementation

Empower users to access their data and applications in a secure way.

In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, your users access your organization’s resources from anywhere using a variety of devices and apps. As a result, focusing on who can access a resource is no longer enough. You also need to consider where the user is, the device being used, the resource being accessed, and more.

Microsoft Entra Conditional Access (CA) analyses signals, such as user, device, and location, to automate decisions and enforce organizational access policies for resource. You can use CA policies to apply access controls like multifactor authentication (MFA). CA policies allow you to prompt users for MFA when needed for security and to stay out of users’ way when not needed.

What is included in the service?

The Microsoft Entra Conditional Access implementation service supports your organization with the implementation of the most used Conditional Access policies for protecting your users. The service consists of the following deliverables:

  • Workshop: During the workshop we provide you with an overview of Microsoft Entra Conditional Access  so that you understand the prerequisites, features and we demonstrate real world use-cases.

  • Initial Setup and Configuration: We support you with getting Microsoft Entra Conditional Access up and running in your environment by implementing most commonly used Conditional Access policies.

  • Documentation: The documentation provides you with the most relevant information about Microsoft Entra Conditional Access including the conditional access policies implemented in your environment.

Our Security Services provides customers with guidance and the required expertise tor the adoption of the Microsoft Entra Conditional Access.


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