More devices, shorter lifespans

So it’s clear – IT lifecycle management can be a lot to juggle. Particularly in a modern workplace context. Did you know that while technology capabilities are growing at the speed of light, the life span of your new Huawei tablet is actually in decline? And with the average employee utilising three or more devices daily on the job, it’s imperative that their ready for when the lights go out. That’s why Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are fundamental to your operations. With an advanced overview of every device in use, and a clear idea of their end-of-life date, comes the opportunity to revolutionise the way we work mobile.

Let’s take application updates and maintenance. The job isn’t done once the various software has been installed on your device. Each product will need support throughout the lifecycle – from asset management to inventory control. The Syntaro framework offers a number of flexible support options to suit your company size and needs – as well as a reliable versioning service to ensure your users can continuously upgrade and customise their software.

We also support a quick setup of new devices with the help of our WimAsAService and application deployment solutions. And our offer doesn’t end there with quantifiable insights into your device landscape.

We also use Microsoft Intune to battle decreasing lifespans. Because why fight the remote working trend, when you can move with it? And improve your information protection with new capabilities.

“I’m personally a real advocate of working around the globe, on the device you choose at any given moment. The beauty of Syntaro – we offer the combination of tools that allow you to do this securely”, adds Mirko Colemberg, Sommelier Workplace, Microsoft MVP and Partner at baseVISION AG.

“When you dash to the restroom and leave your laptop on the table, you can’t afford to take chances. But you also want to return to the best user experience on the market.”

So where does that leave us? We’ve already built the infrastructure to extend the capabilities of Intune. But the truth is, there’s always room for improvement. With a new line of products currently in the pipeline, and a new list of actionable user and product insights, we’re ready to offer more – and further support your diverse mobile ecosystem. Stay tuned or subscribe to our Blog Series for more on that.

What device trends are on your radar in 2019? Or is there something extra you’d like to share? Comment below and let’s start a conversation.