How MISA Elevates Security for Our Customers

We are often asked by customers and partners what exactly the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) is and why we emphasize this collaboration so much. MISA is an association started by Microsoft that aims to improve and expand security solutions and technologies through collaboration with leading security companies worldwide. But what does this mean specifically for us at baseVISION and, more importantly, for our customers?

Last week, we had the unique opportunity to meet with MISA leaders in person. During our visit to Redmond, we were able to personally meet Megan Compton, our MISA MSSP Partner Manager. This meeting gave us profound insights into the vision and goals of MISA. Megan Compton explained, “The collaboration with partners like baseVISION is a core part of our mission to develop innovative security solutions that meet the requirements of the fast-paced world of cybersecurity. As part of this first-class group, baseVISION can support its customers with in-depth knowledge and also provide access to detailed technical information.”

"The collaboration with partners like baseVISION is a core part of our mission to develop innovative security solutions that meet the requirements of the fast-paced world of cybersecurity."
Megan Compton
MISA MSSP Partner Manager

Members of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association integrate their security solutions with Microsoft’s leading security technology to better protect our mutual customers against threats. Maria Thomson, Director of MISA, emphasizes: “By extending Microsoft’s security capabilities across the ecosystem, we help our shared customers to succeed.” This demonstrates that close collaboration and integration with Microsoft’s technologies enable us to offer our customers advanced and effective security solutions.

Vasu Jakkal, CVP Microsoft Security, highlights: “We believe that by coming together as a community to innovate, build strategies, and share knowledge, we empower ourselves and our customers as defenders. That’s why MISA is such a vital part of our mission. Together with our partners like baseVISION, we can turn obstacles into innovation and embrace today’s challenges as an opportunity to build a better, safer world for all.” This underscores the importance of community and collaboration within MISA to shape and improve the security landscape together with partners like us.

Megan Compton and Dania Werren

For our customers, our membership with MISA means they have direct access to innovative security solutions and the leading minds in the industry. They benefit from:

  • Insights into the Premier Group of Security Leaders: Customers gain insights into the latest security trends and strategies developed by leading experts.
  • Access to information and teams: Customers have access to comprehensive information and technical teams that help them strengthen their security postures and stay up-to-date with the latest in technology.

Enhance cybersecurity solutions 

Help protect customers by developing solutions that integrate with leading Microsoft Security products. 

Connect with customers 

Help customers find, try, and buy security solutions that work with their digital enviroments and meet their cybersecurity needs. 

Collaborate with Microsoft engineers 

Accelerate innovation with access to Microsoft Security technical experts. 

Go-to-market benefits

Enjoy a broad range of benefits, such as product roadmap updates, partner-to-partner networking, special events, and co-marketing.  

Direct interaction with MISA and personal exchanges with its representatives, like Megan Compton in Redmond, have reinforced our belief that our membership in this association is invaluable not only for baseVISION but also for our customers. Through this close collaboration, we can ensure that we offer our customers the best possible security solutions and strategies.

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