Case Study Kernkraftwerk Gösgen

Security, environmental compatibility and economic efficiency – these three principles are anchored in the vision of the Kernkraftwerk Gösgen (KKG). The KKG operates in a complex and regulated environment, and requires a safe and modern workplace in order to meet the safety requirements.

Together with Netree and baseVISION, the KKG developed a long-term roadmap to create an agile and flexible workplace for its employees without compromising security. In the end, security was optimized and maximized thanks to Microsoft E5 Security technologies. The new workplace has created trust and empowered employees: a win-win solution for all parties involved.

The Kernkraftwerk Gösgen (KKG), the first Swiss nuclear power plant of the 1000-megawatt class, started commercial operation in November 1979. Since then, several modernization projects have been carried out to further increase safety. The station now generates eight billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, covering about 13 percent of Switzerland’s electricity consumption. 

KKG not only wants to operate a modern nuclear power plant but also to be a good employer for its 590 employees. 

The situation before the project: High security – minimal flexibility

  • Solid but static IT workstations without much flexibility
  • Limited mobility and collaboration options
  • Reduced functionality due to the use of Windows 10 and long-term servicing branch (LTSB)
  • Remote access exclusively via Mobile Devices and VDI

The Vision: Build a flexible workplace

In 2019, management decided to make the workplace more agile and flexible for employees:

  • Introduction of a secure and flexible cloud solution
  • Transformation to a modern workplace
  • Unleashing employees’ full potential with a flexible workplace that drives collaboration and builds trust
  • Introducing a long-term solution with a holistic approach

«For us as Kernkraftwerk Gösgen, it quickly became clear that we could only achieve our goals of a modern, secure and flexible workplace with the introduction of appropriate Microsoft cloud services. Together with our strategic partner baseVISION, we made the company cloud-ready as part of the first step. By doing so, we laid the foundations for the introduction of Microsoft E5 Security solutions, which enabled us to open up our closed “castle” without sacrificing security.»

François Gasser, IT-Security Officer,
Kernkraftwerk Gösgen


The KKG wanted a local and highly specialized partner for the shift to a modern and secure workplace. As baseVISION and our partner company Netree are geographically close to the KKG and specialized in exactly these areas, the KKG considered us for the collaboration.

Security & compliance workshop

The holistic roadmap was then created during a workshop. The introduction was consistently based on the vision as a whole, and therefore on Microsoft’s Zero Trust approach. The full potential of the cloud needed to be used, and the products introduced in line with the KKG’s requirements.

Cloud Enabling

In order to exploit the full power of modern Microsoft technologies, the company had to ensure its cloud readiness. This was needed in order to be able to introduce the cloud-based services and products.

Legal protection

Since the KKG is in a complex and regulated environment, the entire movement to the cloud had to be legally secured. It was supported here by Laux Lawyers, which itself uses the benefits offered by the cloud. 

Implementation E3 and Security Step-up

Once the foundations had been laid with the cloud, the ideal workplace was designed and implemented. To this end, E3 and the products of the Security Step-up Suite were introduced according to the roadmap.


In the middle of the implementation, Switzerland went into lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. The KKG also introduced remote working, and the technologies that had been introduced were immediately put to the test. The transition to home working was secure, with no unexpected surprises, and all newly introduced technologies proved to be working optimally. 

Continuous improvement

In order to find a good long-term solution, the infrastructure of the KKG is constantly reviewed and further improved. Continuous further development is key to long-term success.

«With the new digital workplace, we can not only optimally implement the principles of the Gösgen nuclear power station – safety and efficiency – but also fulfill the
requirements for mobility and

François Gasser, IT-Security Officer,
Kernkraftwerk Gösgen

«baseVISION’s and Netrees long-term cooperation with its customers shows that they have understood the Microsoft philosophy and optimally aligns its services with Microsoft technologies. The services can therefore be adapted and used effectively by customers in the long term»

Daniel von Büren, Technical Specialist for Security & Compliance, Microsoft

Most beneficial Microsoft technologies used

  • Azure AD
  • Conditional Access
  • Microsoft Security Baselines
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity
  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Configuration Manager

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