Why it’s time to wave goodbye to complex imaging

Discover a new process to create Windows Imaging®Format (WIM) files that meets your company needs. The rapid pace of technological change continues to transform our working practices. And while we’re all on board with embracing the latest tools, making the shift can feel like a daunting task. If you’ve been loyal to the same Windows imaging infrastructure for years – how do you choose the best product to replace it? And if the aim is to increase productivity – how can you avoid creating more work for yourself?

Even millennials struggle to get the balance right. Research published by RingCentral, based on a global survey of 2,000 knowledge workers, shows that the very workplace apps designed to streamline tasks have sparked an operations overload creating chaos in the workplace. Take the leap of faith, whilst avoiding the pitfalls.

Out with the old

We get it. Microsoft Configuration Manager is your go-to. And with the transition to Windows 10 looming, the last thing you want to do is reinvent the wheel. But what if you could save hours on deployment, freeing up time and vital IT resources?

Right now, the majority of independent software vendors see building their images every quarter as standard practice. And the implementation issues associated with the set-up of 2000 new computers? Business as usual. Failed application updates and lengthy configuration tasks don’t have to be the norm; your location-independent workforce can be device independent too.

One image to rule them all

Picture this: you get a new device out the box to configure it for your new employee. First you join the machine to the domain, then begins the installation of a mountain of business applications. Next, you get rugby tackled with a never-ending updates task. And before you know it it’s 6pm, and the coffee’s cold in the build room.

Don’t panic, your reference image can save you. It’s even possible to custom-fit it to your organisation. We truly believe in the power of an up-to-date reference image – one that contains all your primary applications and doubles your deployment speed.

The end game – a new Windows Imaging® Format (WIM) file that meets your company needs. Dream territory – an image file where you can peak inside. Historically, we’re used to a deployment system that doesn’t provide an overview; and we’re used to spending hours on documentation. With new-found comparison capabilities that’s all about to change. So what’s stopping you from leading the pack?

More time, more travel

Time. That great burden called time puts us all on the defensive. And even if you can find the time, how does one rigid system speak to a mobile workforce? The first quarter is over, and Windows 10 is calling. Does it really make sense to start from scratch?

“WimAsAService has allowed ECNO’s Shared Technical Services team to accelerate the implementation of Windows 10 as the base operation system for all its member boards” – Jason Barker, Technical Analyst at the Educational Computing Network of Ontario.

With your employees working anywhere and everywhere, you can’t afford to drop the ball. And when it comes to security and consistency there’s no room for error. That’s why we’ve been busy honing the latest techniques and practices so that when you make the leap – the process is seamless. Most importantly, everything is automised.

Every WIM you receive comes with detailed documentation – a generated text file that shows what’s inspired the image. Compare two versions of an image like never before, and spot the differences in a matter of seconds. With all applications and security settings configured from the start, there’s also no alarm bells when your employee leaves Hamburg on a train to Milan. Tailor-made images can contain everything from Language packs to Plugins and OS customisation – first define the image, let the technology do the rest.

Because, after all, you’re busy bringing important projects to life…

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