Format the CSV Report

Discover streamlined project time reporting! The automated Harvest Time-Reporting mailing helps our customers gain insight into the work of our employees on their given projects. Once setup by our team, you will receive these mailings including the CSV-Report of all our tracked time reports.

In the below guide, we’ll improve readability by extracting data from the attached CSV file, opening it in Excel, and making key adjustments for better presentation.

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The automated time-report for a Project will contain some general information about the project within the mail body.

The time entries themselves are stored in the attached CSV file and need to be formatted a bit to make the data more readable.

Save the attachment and open the CSV file in Excel.

First things first, select the top row and press Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Down to select all rows of the report.

With the cells selected, navigate to Insert and there select Table. Make sure you have the My Table has Headers option selected.

Double click between two table columns to update the width accordingly.

For the notes, Wrap Text should already be configured, if not, make sure you select the notes column and activate the feature under Alignment

Lastly, we want to fix the row height. To do so, select the whole table and under Home > Cells > Format > Auto Fit Row Height

Now you should have a readable file that you can save as an XLSX for later use.