The Most Valuable Mentor award goes to…… Microsoft MVP Mirko Colemberg! Congratulations, Mirko!

Mirko is a leader and expert in workplace management, but not only his technical skills are extraordinary also his mentoring activities. Because of this engagement he received the Microsoft Valuable Mentor Award for 2020 Q3 with FIVE separate nominations from his mentees. His outstanding contributions to mentorship excellence is greatly appreciated by his mentees and the greater community within the Community Mentors Program.  

Here are heartfelt words of praise from Mirko’s mentees (shared with permission): 

  • [Mirko is] a great role model. He always helps and always has a solution ready. 
  • When I first started my occupation at my current workplace, Mirko gave me a brief overview into the whole Azure Infrastructure. It was extremely well mentored for me, even though I was absent from the IT space for over half a year. He also inspired me to keep on learning and thanks to him I started to seriously work on my MS certifications. 
  • “[Mirko has helped] junior engineers, including women, setup a career plan and set their personal goals which helped them to do great job and gained a lot of experience in a short time. Also, the inspiration he has regarding the technology is fascinating and drives them to set new and higher personal goals.