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Proactive intelligent Security

Infrastructure hygiene and configuration compliance with our “Security Prevent” service

The likelihood of being attacked by hackers is steadily increasing. We need to secure our infrastructure proactive. While most companies nowadays regularly update Windows and Office, there is only a little attention paid to addressing weaknesses in 3rd party applications. 

The baseVISION Active Security Prevent service supports the customer’s internal IT organization by maintaining infrastructure hygiene, security configuration compliance monitoring, and reporting for their modern and secure workplace environment.

Infrastructure hygiene and configuration compliance

baseVISION will help with important hygiene tasks, which are often missed due to other operational tasks. 

Security posture improvement recommendations

  • Auditing and compliance reporting of critical security configuration settings

Infrastructure health and hygiene

Included products

The Prevent service covers infrastructure hygiene, security configuration compliance monitoring and reporting for the below listed products.

Benefits of out security prevent

With our service, you will benefit from the following: 

Security as a service

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