Quick and Smart Remote Desktop for Homeoffice

Quickly deploy fast, scalable and secure infrastructure for Homeoffice

Our expertise is providing modern workplace solutions, especially allowing flexible work styles. This includes providing smart solutions for remote access. Especially for the current COVID-19 / Corona Crisis, we have developed a new service to help your company to provide quickly a scalable remote working solution and to support companies of any size to stay operational.

With the “Quick and Smart Remote Desktop for Home Office” we help you to create a secure environment in Azure for your employees.  It allows you to work as if you were in the office. This solution offers many advantages over using BYOD, because your company data will not leave your protected borders. 

The engagement consists of:

  • Fast impementation
    • Deploy Azure Virtual Desktop or/and Azure AD App Proxy
    • Protect access to your secure environment
    • Deploy Azure connectivity if not available
    • Create basic Windows 10 image with your most important apps
  • Follow up activities
    • Cost optimization
    • Image optimization and setup operational process

Without digital protection from physical to virtual virus.

AVD brings the big benefit, that Microsoft is managing most of the infrastructure part an you have only to take care about your image and focus on your business. 

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