Care Package for MEMCM Upgrade

Ensure that your Configuration Manager is always up to date.

baseVISION’s Care Package for MEMCM Upgrade allows you to update the Configuration Manager periodically. With this package, you can be free from any further worries and keep your environment in a supported state. As a result of the upgrades, you will always be prepared to manage the latest Windows versions, bugs will be fixed, and new features will be implemented.

The Care Package for MEMCM Upgrade makes this process much easier for you. With our care, you do not have to think about how and when to upgrade anymore. The upgrade is prepared and carried out by one of our specialized experts. After the upgrade, you get an overview of your endpoint management infrastructure with the additional reports we create.

Why should you update the Configuration Manager regularly?

What is baseVISION providing?

In order to offer our customers the best possible service, the package consists of the following three components.

Key benefits

The five phases of the upgrade

Phase 1: Pre-Upgrade

During the kick-off meeting, dates and modifications will be defined to your environment since the previous upgrades will be discussed. A checklist created by baseVISION is used to check the prerequisites to minimize predictable problems and any issues that may arise during the upgrade.

Phase 2: Upgrade

Your Configuration Manager infrastructure is updated by our specialists. If necessary, we also upgrade the ADK and the netECM. In case of a single-box solution, the SQL server will also be updated.

Phase 3: Post-Upgrade

After the upgrade, our experts will check your system upon the functionality. In this way, we can ensure that your system works as it did before the upgrade, or even better.
During this Phase we also create reports for you.

Phase 4: Testing by the client

To ensure that everything works smoothly after the upgrade, you will test your OS deployment, your software distribution, and your Windows updates. This will allow us to address any errors as quickly as possible.

Phase 5: Inform

You will be informed about the latest features and receive an analysis of our reports. This helps you to use your Configuration Manager optimally after the upgrade and shows you new possibilities.

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