Care Package for MEM Informed

Development is based on new knowledge – stay up to date.

As part of the digital transformation, technologies for business processes became increasingly important. Many aspects have been simplified and made more efficient. But we do not live in a static world, and only companies that keep up with the latest technology will survive. But staying up to date also means investing a lot of time in the innovations. What is relevant for our company? How do the updates affect our company? And where do adjustments have to be made? Our consultants are happy to support you in these questions with Care Package MEM Informed at a fixed price.

Why do you need the MEM Informed Service?

What do you get with the Care Package for MEM Informed?

With the Care Package MEM Informed you will not only receive regularly news about new functionalities, but you will also get 4 hours per year to discuss hot topics with our consultants. Additionally you will get email notifications about critical updates or issues. 


The Care Package provides you two or three Teams presentations per year of the new functions, adapted to your needs

Possible meeting topics

Configuration Manager

Update & Management



You get 4 hours per year to discuss new topics or improvement features with a baseVISION consultant. 


Receive email notifications of critical product updates or known issues.

What are the advantages of the MEM Informed Package?

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