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Proactive intelligent Security 

As part of the Digital Transformation, companies adopt new technologies and business processes. Whether these are hosted on premise or in the cloud, companies are required to rethink IT Security. Considering nowadays threat landscape, where the likelihood of a cyber related incident is steadily increasing, we need new solutions. It is no longer enough protecting the network perimeter and installing antivirus and firewall solutions on clients.

baseVISION’s Active Security Services assists customers by improving their security posture and being prepared to respond to security incidents when needed. The Active Security Service consist of three building blocks Informed, Prevent, and Detect and Respond. Those can be obtained individually or as a package, providing a proactively end to end solution for securing the IT Workplace.

Which Active Security Service block suites you best?

What is the difference between the three independent building blocks Informed, Prevent, and Detect & Respond? Let’s keep it simple first – watch the video for a brief overview. 

Which is the best solution for your company? Which services should you implement to be carefree about your company security? Let’s dive deeper to understand the differences between the three services provided


Today many companies, including Microsoft, have shifted their development cycle process for releasing new products from years to months. For most companies, one of the biggest challenges is to stay informed about what is coming up next and, when new features will be introduced. In some cases, the unawareness can negatively impact their business. On the other hand, there are many customers that pay for something but never use it fully because of a lack of knowledge.  

baseVISION’s Informed Service includes: 

  • Quarterly Microsoft Security Solutions Updates (what's new, any changes)
  • E-mail alerts for critical product updates or known issues
  • Security advisory support
  • Customer Security Roadmap

Key benefits

  • Stay informed on latest Microsoft 365 Security solution developements, updates and changes
  • Keep internal IT knowledge up to date
  • Free up internal IT resources
  • Accelerate learning curve
  • Don't leave available features unused


Another challenge for IT administrators is to ensure infrastructure hygiene and configuration compliance. Active Directory Group Policy or Office 365 Policy settings must be reviewed regularly for their correctness. While most companies nowadays regularly update Windows and Office, there is only a little attention paid to address weaknesses in 3rd party applications.

The baseVISION Active Security Service – Prevent contains valuable actions which help to raise your security posture. baseVISION will help in general you to execute these important hygiene tasks, which are often missed due to other operational tasks.

baseVISION’s Prevent Service includes: 

  • Security posture improvement recommendations
  • Auditing and compliance reporting of critical security configuration settings
  • Infrastructure health and hygiene
  • Threat and Vulnerability reporting

Key benefits 

  • Security Configuration Compliance and Reporting
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management
  • Workplace Management infrastructure hygiene reporting

Detect & Respond

Many companies do not have the skills or resources to address security incidents. This can result in undetected malicious activities or incorrectly prioritized alerts. 

The baseVISION Active Security Service – Detect and Respond was developed together with terreActive to provide Microsoft 365 E5 customers the best solution to monitor and respond to Cyber Security threats actively. Together we provide a unique expertise in Microsoft environments and years of experience in providing security operations center (SOC) as service.

baseVISION’s Detect & Respond includes: 

  • Active monitoring of known threats
  • Threat detection and Response
  • Advanced threat hunting
  • Security incident reporting and analysis

Key benefits 

  • Availability 24/7, 365 days
  • Access to resources and skills that can detect and respond to security incidents
  • ISO certified SOC

Are you interested in our active security service?

Does our Active Security Service sound interesting to your company? Alex Verboon is looking forward to hearing from you. 

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Start your security improvement journey today

Are you insecure about where to start your security journey or improvements? No worries, we have several services for customers in all security maturity stages. Whether you need a roadmap for your future or an assesment to overlook your implemented security – our experts are ready to help you. 

Create Personal Security Report (Free)

With our Security Maturity Model we want to give you a better understanding over your current security situation. By filling out the questions we are able to provide you a simple overview over your current maturity and your possible development path.

Workplace Security Workshop

The Workshop is for customers who would like to protect endpoints, identities, and data in the future but do not know the availability on the market and how to protect from current threats. In a Workshop we will elaborate your personal roadmap.

Use Microsoft 365 with its full power

  • Windows 10 and Office 365 Online Services include various capabilities out of the box or available through add/on services to increase the security posture for a modern workplace. Enabling these security capabilities requires knowledge and time to adopt security processes and implement solutions to protect people, data, and devices in an optimal way and with the least impact on business productivity.

  • Newly available addons like Microsoft 365 E5 Security provide customers access to all security components and allow to raise the security level quickly. We help you to elaborate on which features suites best for you. 

With the following Microsoft Subscription Bundles you can use Active Security Services:
M365 E5 Security
Windows 10 E5
M365 E3

The following features need to be enabled and configured. If you have not configured them, we can help you during the  onboarding process. 

  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Office 365 ProPlus
  • Microsoft Local Administrator Password Solution
  • Active Directory Group Policy Management

The following features need to be enabled and configured before we can start our Active Security Service – Detect and Respond. If you have not configured them, we can help you during the onboarding process. 

  • Microsoft Azure Advanced Threat Protection 
  •  Azure Sentinel

The following solutions are helpful and help establishing additional protection:

  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Microsoft AzureAD Identity Protection

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