Threat and Vulnerability Management

Efficiency to identify, assess and remediate vulnerable endpoints is pivotal to operating a current and up-to-date security program. It supports the reduction of organizational as well as technical risks. A well-managed and healthy infrastructure with a reduced exposure level and hardened infrastructure increases the resilience of an organization against cyber-attacks.

What is the Threat and Vulnerability Management service about?

The baseVISION TVM service supports you in discovering vulnerabilities and misconfiguration in the endpoints. A renowned framework is used where the potential harm of a vulnerability is calculated. The calculated exposure risk score is decreased by updating software assets with their latest patches and distributing security updates. New vulnerabilities (Zero-day and other exploits) lead to an increase in the exposure risk score.

Therefore, closely monitored information and updates on new threats and vulnerabilities in cyberspace are key elements of a good security posture. baseVISION will provide relevant information to implement the recommended workarounds or patches. The required information is collected by Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, which is for example part of Microsoft 365 E5 Security.

baseVISION can also support the remediation based on Endpoint management or security consulting to subsequently implement software updates and optimize configuration aspects of existing Microsoft solutions.

What will be provided with the Threat and Vulnerability Management service?

Our Security Operation Center Team will provide with the Threat and Vulnerability Management service the following:

  • Identify and review software vulnerabilities for operation systems, middleware, and applications

  • Report of known and increased threats on endpoints

  • Identify and propose improvements to the security configuration.

  • Monitor and inform or alert current and new emerging threats (e.g., Zero-Day exploits)

  • Create charts with the remediation process

What are the key benefits of the Threat and Vulnerability Management service?

With this SOC service, our security analysts support your organization to improve the overall security landscape. The most important benefits are the following:

  • Continues analysis of vulnerabilities and information in case of high risks

  • Reduce attack surface and increase security posture by monitoring defined remediation processes

  • Identify potential recommended or missing configurations to raise the security level

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We use the core features of Microsoft's Defender Vulnerability Management to prevent threats from entering the system.
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