Phishing prevention campaigns - M365 Attack Simulation

Phishing prevention campaign to raise awareness in your company

Phishing attacks are a worldwide concern for companies. An attacker requires only one user who clicks on a specially crafted link or attachment to place a foothold on a device. These can be used for malicious activities like espionage, system control, data exfiltration, ransomware and many more.

Microsoft 365 Defender Attack Simulation includes the capability to run a phishing campaign within a company, to make users aware of phishing emails. It includes the option to create phishing emails based on templates specially crafted.

What is included in the phishing prevention campaign?

The phishing prevention campaigns service includes options to educate and increase user awareness of phishing attempts as follows: 

  • Create phishing templates containing custom content

  • Allow targeted delivery of phishing emails to individual teams and groups

  • Executed on a recurring basis and containing adopted content

  • Provide standard user training content based on the user interaction

  • Reports of the phishing campaign

What are the key benefits of a phishing prevention campaign?

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