Microsoft Defender for Cloud

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is a tool for security posture management and threat protection. It strengthens the security posture of your cloud resources, and with its integrated Microsoft Defender plans, Defender for Cloud protects workloads running in Azure, hybrid, and other cloud platforms.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides the tools needed to harden your resources, track your security posture, protect against cyber attacks, and streamline security management. Because it’s natively integrated, deployment of Microsoft Defender for Cloud is easy, providing you with simple auto provisioning to secure your resources by default.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud fills three vital needs as you manage the security of your resources and workloads in the cloud and on-premises: 

  • Continuous assessment: Understand your security posture
  • Secure: Harden all connected resources and services
  • Defend: Detect and resolve threats to those resources and services

The Microsoft Defender for Cloud initial setup and configuration service provides you with a complete overview and hands-on experience with Defender for Cloud to get Defender for Cloud up and running in your environment. The service consists of the following deliverables:

  • Workshop: During the workshop we provide you with an overview of Defender for Cloud so that you understand the prerequisites, features and real world use-cases. 
  • Initial Setup and Configuration: We support you with getting Defender for Cloud up and running in your environment, including the configuration of Microsoft Defender for Cloud plans such as Microsoft Defender for Servers, Microsoft Defender for Storage and Microsoft Defender for SQL.
  • Assess and Secure: Learn how to use Microsoft Defender for Cloud to assess the current cloud security posture of your resource and how to enable cloud workload protection to protect those resources.
  • Review and tuning: Review of the collected data and operational guidance.
  • Documentation: Microsoft Defender for Cloud setup and configuration documentation.

What are the key benefits of the Microsoft Defender for Cloud?

The most important benefits are the following:

  • Better understand the features and benefits of Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

  • Gain visibility into the security posture of your Azure, hybrid, and other cloud platforms resources.

  • Review alerts and defend your resources by using advanced threat protection features of Microsoft Defender for Cloud. 

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