Microsoft Copilot for Security

Microsoft Copilot for Security is an artificial intelligence (AI) security solution that is integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. It provides a natural language assistive Copilot experience. Copilot for Security can assist customers in a variety of use cases because it’s integrated with a wide range of Microsoft products. For example, Microsoft Defender XDR, Microsoft Intune and other third-party services. Microsoft Copilot for Security is based on the OpenAI architecture, which generates responses from a user prompt. The response will contain various information from different sources, including organization-specific information, global threat intelligence information, but also various information from different products (e.g. Microsoft Intune) covered by so-called “plug-ins”.

baseVISION has developed a comprehensive engagement that helps to:

  • Get an overview of artificial intelligence (AI) and a complete overview of the Microsoft Copilot for Security products and their features, including a demonstration of Copilot for Security

  • Understand and adopt the customer’s unique requirements and plan the enablement.

  • Enablement of Microsoft Copilot for Security in the customer’s environment to demonstrate use-cases and scenarios


  • Perform Security Posture Management with Microsoft Copilot for Security

  • Perform incident analysis and summarization

  • Fully leverage your Microsoft Security products and consume the available data with AI


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