Connected Care

Connected Care – Experts at your side

What is Connected Care?

Project completion does not mean the end of the work.baseVISION strives to build long and sustainable customer relationships so that your environment stays current for the long term. Connected Care allows us to stay connected with you and thus take care of your concerns and your environment.

Why is Connected Care more than an ordinary SLA?

We offer you the advantage of an SLA. In order to be able to start solving problems directly, it also includes a package of hours or a pool of hours. This allows you to plan your budget in advance on a monthly or annual basis. Connected Care also allows you to delegate tasks to our experts and benefit from their knowledge. 

What are the key benefits of the Connected Care service?

Safety and security

In an emergency, you want an expert who is familiar with your environment and can support you quickly and efficiently, without having to clarify contractual and financial matters beforehand.

Guaranteed response times

Our technicians react and support you immediately. Without SLA, your inquiry will be scheduled for the next available date.

More for your money

You receive an SLA and an hourly package/pool. The response levels can be customized according to your needs. We can take over arising tasks.

SOS Mail

In case we discover general problems, such as incorrect Windows updates, we immediately send an SOS mail to all Connected Care customers.

How can we support you?

The agreed hours in Connected Care can be used for health checks, prevention of problems or for tasks that arise, such as the following:

  • Updating your Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager
  • Checking the Windows Update Deployment status
  • Review of the general system status
  • Reporting potentially obsolete devices

As part of the service, you can also receive regular support by integrating our experts into your team. Furthermore, the hours can be used for engineering assignments and workshops.

The goal is to reduce overall risk in your IT environment while increasing productivity.

Key Benefits

Your Support Options

Compare Connected Care with our basic support option.

Support Basic Connected Care
Response Time
Best effort
Up to 2h, based on priority
Help can be provided immediatly
No (1)
Tickets can be handled with priority
Yes (2)
Onsite possible
Access to
Supporter / Engineer
Supporter / Engineer
Hour rate
Defined in each estimate
Defined in contract
SLA fee
Products included
Yes (3)
Hours included
Yes/ no (4)
Yes (5)
Takeover of tasks
Yes (6)
Initial contact channel
Mail, Phone
Purchasing channel
Contract by baseVISION later erstimate per case (1)
Estimate and contract by baseVISION
Depending on estimate
SLA fee, prepaid hourly package or defined hourly pool

1. Before working on the solution an estimate has to be accepted. To avoid going through the estimate phase first, an optional hour package of min. 10h can be purchased.
2. Urgent for 8000.– per case, high for 4000.– per case
3. All baseVISION products and Microsoft products depending on the contract.
4. To avoid having to go through the offer phase first, an optional hour package of at least 10 hours can be purchased.
5. At least 20 hours, which can be defined as a prepaid hourly package or as a pool of hours. The hours can be used for support or consulting services of baseVISION (e.g. health checks, maintenance tasks). The hours of the hour package expire after one year. With the hourly pool, you have the advantage to define your budget monthly or annually in advance. Contact us, and we will be happy to discuss the optimal choice for your company.
6. If desired, we can take over a variety of tasks for you. From periodic checks to the full integration of baseVISION employees into your team, everything is possible.

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