Active Directory PKI

This engagement supports your team from the design to the rollout of the Active Directory PKI.

Active Directory PKI keeps the implementation costs down, certificates are provided automatically, and at the same time, you can increase security through certificate encryption or authentication for scenarios like:

  • Windows Hello for Business
  • Network Authentication 802.1x (LAN/WLAN)
  • VPN solutions like Always ON-VPN
  • Code Signing
  • Webserver Authentication (SSL/TLS)

A public key infrastructure can consist of multiple tiers. baseVISION helps in the design phase by sharing experience and best practice, so that your PKI will be safe from beginning on.


Active Directory PKI Phases

We start this engagement with a workshop where we will introduce you to Active Directory PKI. Together we will analyze whether the standard use case can be applied or if there are further customer specific requirements. After defining and agreeing, we will start to design and implement the personalized AD PKI configuration for your company. We will also provide you with an operational manual which includes information about following topics:

  • Publishing offline root CA CRL
  • Renewing issuing CA certificates 
  • Managing certificate templates
  • Requesting certificates 

What are the key benefits of the Active Directory PKI?

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