IT Security: In-house or Outsource? A Guide to Decision Making

A free guidebook for your security questions

Have you implemented modern security solutions and trained your employees? Are you still worried about possible vulnerabilities? IT security is a complex but crucial aspect for every company, regardless of size or industry. However, not all companies have the resources and expertise to implement and maintain an effective IT security strategy. In such cases, outsourcing IT security can be a sensible option. But there are also many reasons for operating IT security internally.

Outsourcing or in-house security? Two strategies, both with advantages and disadvantages. It is important to conduct a thorough risk analysis and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. In our new guidebook, we will discuss these questions and many other important aspects of outsourcing IT security in more detail.

The guide also highlights how you can improve your security maturity and how you can benefit from Microsoft Threat Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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