New SYNTARO Partnership with OB-V-US: Together – We do it light! 

We are proud to present our new partner “OB-V-US” for the SYNTARO Portal. SYNTARO will help them to support their current strategy for MDM lightweight managed Windows 10 projects. 

Below you will find some facts about our new partner. 

OB-V-US was founded in 2015 by three world leading experts in the field of Enterprise workplace and Cloud and Datacenter Management. They stay current with the new trends in the different fields of the market to give their customers all the options they need to further enhance their environment. More information about OB-V-US find here  

They decided to bundle their forces with baseVISION to even better help their existing and future customers.  

We are very happy to have this great company as a partner on the SYNTARO Platform. The SYNTARO team welcomes OB-V-US!