Foundation of baseVISION AG

We have completed the foundation of baseVISION AG by Mirko Colemberg, Pascal Berger, Jürg Koller, Thomas Kurth and Netree AG. This is a merger of the Workplace specialists of enterprises trueIT GmbH, Colemberg GmbH and Netree AG. We will focus to Electronic Workplace Management in the cloud an on-site.

For all existing customers of the company Netree AG, trueIT GmbH and GmbH this means that there is now even more expert knowledge available.

We see a big challenge for companies. They need to bridge the gap between the demands of business and IT departments. A change is required by the IT departments, since the traditional tools and approaches not always work in future. Here we want to position our base-services to help customers to build stable platforms and operate them efficient. Only when the base is stable, a company is ready with the VISION to support the company in the long term and to promote the core processes. So the core business of enterprises should again become the focus in the IT department and not the IT products.