Config Manager MVP Summit – World changing moments in Redmond 

Last week there was an innovative event at Microsoft Headquarter in Redmond: the MVP Summit! 

We are very proud that our MVP Mirko Colemberg and our young talent Samantha Howlett (as an Internal) were invited to this special event. 

Here the participants had the chance to interact with the product group from Microsoft about the future of the modern and mobility workplace and also discussed customer’s pain with ConfigMgr and how to solve those issues. 

But the most exciting moment in this week shows the picture below: 

This was the moment the team of participants checked in the TP 1711 release from SCCM so after that the whole world could download this brand-new release!!! 

Wasn’t this a world changing moment in Redmond? 

This event shows again that our baseVISION team is always at worldwide hotspots to get the latest news and information for its customers! So, stay tune to see what will come next… 

Watch this video to get some impressions of 25 years of ConfigMgr (point out the last 2 minutes!)