Case Study Avectris

Avectris AG is a proven IT service provider for medium-sized businesses. It acts as a full-service provider for its customers. The company headquartered in Baden has a strong foundation in Switzerland. Even if Swissness is a good thing, Avectris has also a broad international network and provides services throughout Europe and China.

Initial Situation

Avectris has been using Windows 7 technology with Office 2010, and has followed a traditional, device-based approach. With the signs of digitization on the horizon and the growing mobility of the end customers, the company is preparing to provide the Future Workplace.

To gather experience with Windows 10 as early as possible and to bring this up to the customer in a timely manner, the decision was made to redesign the entire workplace architecture on the basis of Windows 10 and Office 2016. The design of the modern workplace will be module-based, so that it can be flexibly adapted for customer requirements. A key component of the design was to increase the basic security even further. In addition, interfaces have been created to meet additional security requirements and to prepare the future workplace for the cloud services. Also, the operational costs should be reduced by automation for individual recurring tasks.


Together with baseVISION AG an agile project management was developed, in which the design of the individual modules could be implemented promptly. So, the results of the individual iterations were tested quickly and developed to a mature platform. In the context of Windows as a Service, this iterative development style is also used after the initial project. With each Windows Current Branch (CB) release, a new release for Avectris will
be developed.
To ensure cost-optimized operation and high upgradeability, many built-in functionalities of Windows 10 have been tested and used. Many of the builtin Windows 10 components offer the same or better comfort as third-party applications. These also reduce licensing costs and effort for inplace upgrades. Creating a cloud identity using Azure Active Directory and the local Active Directory helps to simplify the use of cloud services in the future. In the project, this Cloud Identity was used and successfully tested for the Windows Store for Business. As a result, Avectris could provide “Modern Apps” from the Microsoft Store to its employees.
To protect the clients, not only traditional protection mechanisms have been incorporated, such as virus protection software. According to the “Never Trust” principle, protective mechanisms were built on different levels. It protects not only devices, but also the identities, the data and the applications. By automating the Windows Update processes and the image generation by WimAsAService from baseVISION AG, the company›s tasks could be simplified. Now the team members have more time for the further development of the future workplace releases.

«With this project we developed the basis for the flexible and safe Modern Workplace! Great!»

Daniel Fritz – Head of Enduser Services at Avectris

Most beneficial Microsoft technologies used​

  • Windows 10 Enterprise 
  • Microsoft InTune
  • Windows Defender 
  • Azure Active Directory 
  • Microsoft Office 2016

What are your benefits?

Agile procedures in the project and in the
company, increase the flexibility of the workplace.

Windows 10 built-in tools simplify the inplace upgrades.

Cloud identities in base design enable the
secure use of cloud applications.

Optimized security concepts protect against new threats, without restricting users.

The optimization of the
operational processes
through automation
creates time for the
further development of
the new client releases. 

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